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Royal Berry Organic Fruit Juice

Drink something real. Organic, patented, and ethically manufactured unlike any other. Beat the epidemic of malnutrition. 

Has a pleasant, very mild taste.  The mix of the juice of theses two berries, makes the taste of the drink outstanding and breathtaking; once you have tried Sea buckthorn with Redcurrant drink, you will never want to stop tasting it. Perfect in the morning, gives you a burst of energy for the whole day. Also perfectly suitable for preparing cocktails, specially with ice cream or milkshakes.

The sea buckthorn bush, which is native to Asia and 
Europe, is rich with vitamin C, 
about 12 times as much as an orange, and contains B12, a nutrient typically found in animal products.

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Royal Berry Organic Sea buckthorn with Redcurrant Fruit Juice 285ml

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